We are providing some questions and answers to once again... help you along the way !

    1.    Candles -   We not provide candles, many generous brides leave them for the next bride( s) so you are welcome to use them or you are welcome to bring in all new . I suggest   3x3    3x6   3 in Floating candles and Glass Pre-filled Votives  I believe Amazon is the best prices I have found . White candles look best, Ivory is a yellow hue  ( up to you !)    Glass Cylinders, again left from past brides you may use . If you want new clean ones they can be purchased at Dollar Tree  or....if you want bigger pillar candles such as 3x 8- 3x9  Quick Candles has the larger cylinders for those.   The candles and cylinders that are in the storage room, you are welcome to use if the cylinders are smokey/ dripped wax etc.  you ll have to clean them, up to you !!!!     CANDLES- Must Be in Glass, no tapered candles are to be lit !!!!!!!!

    2. Decor - Tablecloths- Runners- Signs- Lanterns- Candelabras - Table numbers- Signs- Easels-  ...the list goes on and on ...You are welcome to use, we can not guarantee what will be available the week of your wedding . ( Items do get broke, etc etc ) I suggest coming on a Mon or Tues closer to your wedding to check out the decor and to get ideas 

    3. Bella - Upstairs- Once the Ceremony Starts - Only the Bride/ Groom are Allowed Upstairs , the door will remain locked, this room is meant for the bride and groom only 

   4. Hotels - All the Hotels are in New Philadelphia and Dover Ohio - Approx 11 Minutes from the Venues -   

                 You MAY HIRE Shuttles if you choose to, which we suggest for the safety of your guests . 

   5. Cleaning -  Yes, we include cleaning and un-decorating of the venue along with Table, Chair and Linen Setup 

   6. Decorating - Saturday and Sunday Brides - You are welcome to come at 8 am to start decorating, bringing in your alcohol etc.  Ryan/Celeste/ and or Assistants will stop by to answer any questions you may have and give you advise if needed . 

   6. Rehearsals - Ryan / Celeste will direct and assist the wedding rehearsals along with the officiants


   7. Rehearsal Dinner -  You are welcome to use the back patio for rehearsal dinner, if Ryan caters it , his catering staff will setup tables, linens, glassware, flatware -  Along with the cleanup . More Hands free option   NOW = If you have hot and ready food brought in, pizza, Mexican, Pasta etc etc YOU are Required to setup the tables, chairs, linens, provide all dishes, flatware, cups, all utensils, all drinks, coffee etc . AND CLEANUP , put tables away, chairs away, linens in bags, take the trash out, sweep area and  leave the space clean and ready for the wedding .    My advise- HAVE Ryan Cater it !!!!   So much easier ha !

  8.  Rain - We will GLADLY wait up to 30/ 45 minutes from your wedding ceremony start time to get you married outside. If this is not possible, we line everyone up on the back patios, you ll come down the dance floor and get married in from of your head table  or a arch 

9.  Damages-   If something gets broke by one of your guests - your helpers- vendors and or you ....you are responsible for that cost 

10.  Saturday Brides -  Since we host Sunday weddings, our cleaning and setup crews clean thru the late hours they gather your belongings, decor, food and alcohol will be in the kitchen area for you to pickup Sunday morning .  Sunday Brides, they clean Monday morning. 


11. Smores= You bring the goodies and we will set them up on tiers for you !   1 box/ Big bag of each item is plenty 

12. Sparklers- Yep.......LOVE these for your Photos   24" work best 

13. Seating Chart -   Yep, its the Worst Part of the Entire Process !!! ha  I suggest printing 4x6  or 5 x7  card stock for each table and attaching them to a mirror, clear acrylic  ( lowes 32 x 44 )  Make a Large Pretty Pdf and Have it Printed at Staples ......  Large Weddings, if you do a Alphabetical Order Seating Chart, Guests can find their tables faster 

14. Decor- You may Bring in Whatever you want - you do not have to use only ours !!!!!!! Up to You !!!!!!    Walls and Ceilings stay as is 

15. Catering and Apps.    Thru Ryan Only- He hosts Food Tastings the Last Monday of Every Month Except Jan & Feb. At Bella Amore 4 till 7pm , Booked couples are welcome to come anytime within those hours, please message us a few days beforehand .  Private tastings are Also on those days