We would Absolutely "LOVE" LOVE" LOVE"  to Have You on Your Special Day !

We are a All Season Ceremony and Reception Event Venue!! 

      The Details:

We DO NOT want to RUSH you in anyway so we offer our venue to you Wednesday thru Satuday till 2am !

 We want to make your day very enjoyable & relaxed without the stress 

(If you would like a 1 day Sunday Wedding....please contact us.) 


My Thoughts:

Wednesday & Thursday to add your decor, personal touches & set up the way you want 

Friday: Come to the barn for your ceremony walk thru etc. You are more than welcome to have your                       rehearsal dinner or cookout here as well 

Saturday: Your Special Wedding Day ( venue closes at 2 a.m.) 

Sundays are "OPEN" For 1 Day Weddings....

Monday & Tuesday:  We do all the cleaning & un-decorating so, just come pick up your                                                                   belongings whenever its convenient for you !


No Need to Go Elsewhere for Your Vow Ceremony!!

Our Unique Outdoor Ceremony Location overlooks beautiful trees, nature and rolling valleys. The ceremony location could not be more perfect. With 360" foreverseeing views, beautiful spring, summer and fall foliage plus, Sweet Sounds of Nature! It is absolutely perfect!!! 

            (If nature is against us and it rains the ceremony will then be inside the barn OR because we have a floating wood floor, you can rent a tent and still get married outside ! 

The outdoor ceremony site has a Large Log and Branch Style Arch with a hanging Vintage Chandelier! The property has alot of Plants, Landscaping and Unique Decor !!

I am a Very Detailed Person so...not only I do want the Inside to be "Wow" but, also the Outside !                                     ~~~ I want our Venue to Be Just Magical and a "Magazine Material" Wedding Venue !!

So Whats Included ??...

* RectangleTables & Gold Chiavari Chairs 

* The Venue is Extremely Decorated the ceiling, walls and entrances alone are something to see!

                     That being said you will NOT have to decorate that much, I have so so so many table                                     decorations, centerpieces, lanterns, votives, candy dishes, trays, chalkboard signs, accent                         tables, cake stands, wood slabs, candlebras, natural looking floral stems plus, tons more !                           You dont need much just add your own personal touches/colors * I also have Unique                                  Upcycled Decor and Furniture and I love turning something old into something Unique and                          you can use whatever I have !  The Venue is a Vintage, Elegant all with a touch of Rust !!                            Not only do we want the Inside of our venue to be a "Wow Factor" but, the outside as well !                          We have alot of Decor, Lighting and Unique Touches to create just that Plus,insane about of                          landscaping and flowers! 

*Floor Length Ivory Tablecloths are available for all your tables plus, many accent tablecloths!

                       I have the sequin ones too !!!

* Stunning & Lavish Bridal Suites-

                     A Brides and A Grooms! Get ready for your big day with your wedding party in our beautifully                        decorated bridal suites

*Uniquely Decorated Bathrooms for you and your guests, both are handicap accessible ! 

* Old Wood Moveable Bar - Plus tons of other Unique Tables and Props whcih they are all on wheels!

                     (we do not provide alcohol, but you can bring in what you want ! If you have                                                   alcohol, security must be present. Please contact local security guards etc. 

*Large Parking Area-  which is flat and close to the Venue...very easy for your guests to come and go 

*A Large Covered Ground Level Patio overlooks hayfields and nature (you can see for miles) also, the                                 Dramatic Pink and Red Sunsets .....ahhh You Will LOVEEEEEEE!! So So Pretty!

                        The outdoor patio will have tables, chairs and benches this is a great space for additional                             seatings, cocktail hour, addtional bar area and more. Again, it is ground level so you can                               walk right into the grass and use that space as well for example, have games like                                         horseshoes, cornhole and bubbles for kids 

* A Huge Firepit for smores...hobo pies...weenie roast etc. 

* Sparklers and Fireworks are Allowed

* Heat for Cool Days & for Winter Weddings

*Bridal Suites have Heat- Fans and A.C.

*Beautiful Clear Crystal Cut Dinnerware- Silverware- Water Goblets and Champagne Flutes 

*There are 3 Huge Doors plus, the entire back of the barn opens up to the covered large patio so there is                          great air flow so it s not hot and stuffy! 

*Beautiful Landscaping-Flowers- Plants Galore!

*Tents - Campers & RV are Allowed !

*Large Grills and BBQ Trailers are Allowed!

* All Food is to be brought in by a caterer of your choice ! Your Wedding, Your Choice *

*Alcohol is also brought in by you or a caterer. You know what is best for your guests!

We want you to enjoy your magical day and make it as Relaxed & Simple as possible...that is why we offer the venue to you for many days and include alot with our venue. We want to create long-lasting relationships....and we will gladly help you anyway we can....we want your Special Day to be Perfect ! 


We don t ask you to close up at 10pm or 11pm....the fun is just starting right? We ask our venue closes up by 2 am the day of your event!!!! Have Fun as long as you can !!!!!!!!!!

Since we provide and include so much with our venue, we do all the cleanup and we will pack up all you decor and belongings.

****We hope this is very helpful, if you have more questions please please just call or send us a message !

Contact Me For Even More Details!! Come for a tour....it s even better in person!!! 

Thank you so much,

Celeste- The Barn On Enchanted Acres - 330 260 1812 

I ll gladly help anyway I can !!

Have the Best Day....and I can not wait to meet each and every one of you !!! 

Be sure to like and follow our facebook page for important information- reviews and updates!


* There are several hotels only about 10 minutes away...

*Very Close to Several Highways...so we are pretty much right off many highways

* Plus, 2 Shuttles Companies and a Taxi Service are Available

~~~~We are Extremely Caring, Helpful and Love Giving a Helping Hand....

     We are NOT the Strick Type....Whatever you want to do......just ask !!!! 

**P.S. We also own a Family Style Restaurant -The Western Grill- Ryan is catering many of our weddings

           Plus, I do Photography -Photography by CelesteCy 

           AND ha...I  have a Little Girls Boutique Shop online which has a ton of flower girl dresses like the                                country lace ones you see all over pinterest n etsy !!!

 So we can help you in other areas as well as the venue !!    We can be your One Stop Shop !!!! 

~~~~~~Till we meet....

            Have a Beautiful Day, LOVE Each Other and Make Someone Smile !!!