First, I want to you to know that this Barn Venue is a HUGE Dream Come True for Me !!! I have always wanted to have a be involved in such a special magical day for a loving couple and to be a part of it, just brings me to tears and makes my soul smile smile smile !!! I am the most emotional, giving and caring person I think you will ever meet. Having this dream come true, makes me veryyyy involved and passionate on planning your special day at our venue!!!

     We are NOT your One Day Nightmare- Stressful Wedding Day Express Lane...the in and out feel ! WE are the Complete Opposite of just that ! We offer our Venue for many Days so you DO NOT HAVE to Stress and Rush to Setup and Decorate for your wedding ! Wednesday and Thursday you can come at anytime, yes anytime, to setup and decorate and lets have tons of fun doing it !! We will crank the music, dance and celebrate ...this is your BIG DAY and you Deserve to have a BLAST while getting everything setup exactly the way you want it and at a relaxed pace! We also, include a TON of decorations, centerpieces, votives, lanterns, rustic tables, old wood crates, old ladders, chalkboard signs, wedding cake tiers, charger plates and trays....I mean a TON of items that you are MORE than Welcome to Use!!!!! Everything I have, use it!!  This is one thing that I feel bad for these couples to go and spend a ton of money on decoration etc. then never use it again and/or try to sell it. To be honest, I LOVEEEEEEE decorating and letting my creativity and imagination explode so this gives me a excuse to buy more hahahahahah ! Darn right ??!!! Again, whatever I have ...please use it !  ***Come on..Lets have fun while decorating and settng up....p.s. bring your dancing shoes!!

      We will gladly help you in anyway....we want your day to be exactly as you imagined and then some ! We treat others as we want to be treated...and we truly mean it ! We are not strick in anyway, and if you have great ideas and thoughts please tell us and we will do everything we can to fulfill your desires ! 

 We also live very close to the venue, that being said if anything would happen we could be there in 30 s not like we live 2 hours away ! We would never want anything to happen but, if the lights went out of something we will be right there !!!!  I will send My Mr. Handy Dandy right over !! ha ha ha 

      We have lots and lots of great ideas for you for our outdoor patio and outdoor grounds...I think we have thought of everything so.....not only do you have use of the barn but , also the outdoor space !!!! When you come for a tour, I will elaborate !!!! 

    Friday or the day before your wedding, if you want to have your rehearsal dinner- cookout- I encourage you to do NO EXTRA CHARGE!! You get the venue for many use it !! Everyone drove here, so keep them here for your rehearsal dinner/cookout!    

Saturday, we ask that the barn closes up by 2 am. We want your Special Day to last as long as possible ! I know it feels like you go to alot of other weddings and you start to really have a great time dancing etc. then its like " Lights On Everyone Out " then you have to go elsewhere....what a bummer ! So we are NOT pushing you out....Dance, Have Fun and Enjoy Your Magical Day !!!  

   We do all the cleaning and undecorating.....we are supplying sooooo soooo much that it is much easier and less complicated if we clean and put your belongings in totes with your name on it and put it in storage or we will sit it on tables if you are coming the next day . Whenever really..there is No time frame, its not going anywhere !!!  And really.....who wants to clean and undecorate the night of your wedding= no one ! We would never expect you to clean up the night of your wedding...that is just crazy! We do this for you!!!  (If our trays- beverage dispensers - dishes- glasses- silverware are used, they must all be washed correctly that night.)

    Lastly, we are very close to many Hotels and Lakes and Bed n Breakfast Places...

    So...this is just a sample of how we are Unique and Different....We would LOVE to have you and your guests for Your Special Day and I will gladly help you anyway I can !!!!

* Please come for a tour- there is LOTS MORE that I did not include so come see it all for yourself ! 

~~~Xoxo, Celeste!  

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***Have a Beautiful Day***


 A bride's review:

We met Celeste yesterday and it was the absolute best experience! My fiancé Korey W Herron and I left there feeling like we wanted her to be part of the family! Her enthusiasm for making your big day everything you've dreamed of is so wonderful and refreshing (she's the cutest thing you'll ever meet) She's corky in the best way possible and really knows how to make you feel comfortable because let's be honest this is a nerve wracking process! She's so artistic and creative and has the best visions in mind. I truly think, excuse me.. I KNOW that she will be going very far in this industry and would recommend her to everyone looking for their wedding. So, thank you Celeste for being one of the most genuine women we've ever met and we are more than thrilled to get to get married at your beautiful venue! ☺


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